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China (Mainland) Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Group Co., Ltd No Trustpass Free member

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Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Group Co., Ltd - last active on 29 January 2008 at 05.14 Last active: 29 January 2008 at 05.14
Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Group Co., Ltd's rank: 1340 Company's rank: 1340
Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Group Co., Ltd - Representative office Company type: Representative office

Business type: Manufacturer ›› Tubes & pipes
Company introduction: The registered, capital of the group is RMB 109.2million and the fixed asserts is RMB 200 million. At present, the company is possessed a construction area of 250,000square meters and has 1600 staffs including 320 technology administrators with middle and high ranking. The annual outputs of all kinds of seamless steel tube are about 200,000 tons, including bearing tubes 30,000 tons, high quality carbon and alloy steel tubes 50,000 tons, cold drown welded precision tubes 70,000 tons. The maximum length of the finished tubes is 18m and the size range is OD (6.0-325.0)mmWT(O.5-25.0)mm. The precision of part of the tubes can meet the level of D-00.05mm.Own foreign trade right .
Year established: 1997
Company services: Steel Tubes are our technical maturity products. The basic characteristics are Smooth surface, Mechanical Properties
Equilibrium , Tightness Tolerance, etc; We already manufactured steel tubes for 10 years, range from (6.0 - 127.0)mm (O.D.) x (0.5 - 25)mm (W.T.); We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise. In our production line every product have to go through 5 checks in the whole process, all products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.

We can say no one can match us so far as quality is concerned ; We hope to expand our business with you in future !
Legal representative/CEO: Available to subcribers only
Main markets: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America
Number of employees: 1000 - 3000 people
Annual sales range: 50 - 100 million USD
Member's name: Available to subcribers only
Member's job title: Marketing Director
Trade leads: 1 lead(s) available

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